Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Space Art

Dd1 has finished up her kindergarten curriculum and now we've moved on to new stuff to fill up the time until fall. One of the subjects she's learning about is astronomy. I booked pretty much every astronomy book from the library, both fiction and non-fiction stuff. Our first pick up was for 20 books. We've been reading each one, searching the internet for more detailed info and waiting for a clear night to do a little stargazing.

One of the books we have is a mix of science and art. 

The left side pages are full of info on a space related subject, while the page on the right gives instructions for an art project.  On one of the pages we learned about constellations.  The corresponding activity involved paint and gold thread which I couldn't be bothered with so I substituted glitter glue and star stickers.  It turned out just as nicely and dd1 enjoyed it.

The Hunter

Orion is our favourite constellation because it contains an easy to find nebula.  The Orion Nebula or Messier 42 is located in the middle of the sword and can be seen with a decent pair of binoculars.  It's pretty much the only Messier object that I can find without a lot of searching.

If Orion is still visible by the time we get some clear skies, I'll drag the telescope out for a closer look. Until then, we'll continue with the arts and crafts.

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  1. Oh this was so neat to read, because all my life Orion has been my favorite constellation too. Out here we have very little light pollution and clear skies most nights so I get to star gaze, after feeding the horses their night feeding. It is truly wondrous!