Friday, May 27, 2011

Ack! No!

Something evil has been brewing at the end of my driveway.

I hate tent caterpillars (aka army worms).  I remember back in the 80's when they'd get so bad that entire buildings were covered in them.  As you passed by they'd fall off and land in your hair.  They decimate trees by eating all their leaves.  As I have just planted a bunch of trees, the last thing I want is for a ravenous hoard of caterpillars to sit down to dinner on them.  So I did what any good tree keeper would do...I set them afire!


  1. gross! I totally remember walking to school back then and not being able to walk without squishing a bunch every step and looking down and find them crawling onto your foot while you were walking too

  2. Oh, ugh, I hate those things and I really, really hate burning them. I remember a few years ago putting several nests into a tabletop grill set in the middle of our street and torching them. I was dancing around, singing this crazy little song to myself and shuddering in revulsion as a I forced myself to stomp on the ones that escaped out of the bottom of the grill. Yeeeugh!