Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Cuteness

Two cat photos in a row.  I can't help myself, he is just so freakin adorable!  I can't believe I thought I was done with cats.  There's just something so lovely about having a sweet, playful little kitten around.

We all love him.

Look at that face.  Who wouldn't want to snuggle with him?


  1. He is definitely a sweetie.

  2. what a cutie . Your family always seems to get bigger. I still so enjoy your site .Such a life style that many would crave.Any turkey eggs yet.
    respectfuly Wade.

  3. Hey Wade,

    Not bad for saying we were only supposed to get a few chickens and start of slow eh! I think the last head count was around 160!

    No turkey eggs yet... I think they may still be a little young eh? I will be making a nice big outside run for them in the next couple of weeks.

    Wade, send us an email so that we have some contact info for you. We would like to invite you and your partner to our summer bash this year!

  4. Can you access my blog? It says that I don't follow any blogs. And it seems like nobody has looked at it for a while.

    I'm just wondering if that's a glitch also. Email me.
    and can you comment on the latest post, just to see if you can.


    Cheers Wade.

  6. What a sweetheart! Nothing melts your resolve more than an adorable little face like that. : )