Sunday, May 1, 2011

Future Nutella?

I received my first nursery order today.

10 hazelnuts
1 mulberry
2 elderberries
2 pears
4 apricots

The hazelnuts were planted in a row along the front of the property.  I have plenty of places to put a hedge but I really needed one here.  Due to lingering bits of social phobia, the idea of gardening while people drive by and see me gives me the heebie jeebies.  I also picked up a bunch of fruit shrubs which will be meshed into the hazelnut hedge.

Don't think we'll be needing the stakes after all.

The mulberry and elderberries have been placed in the chicken paddocks and the fruit trees will likely be lining the driveway.

I have a grand vision for the landscaping of this property and it's nice to see it take shape.


  1. How exciting...We don't have to worry about ppl seeing us in the front yard, the cherry laurel is almost touching the powerlines....but it will all be going eventually...but even then we get so little traffic it is not an issue...

    Actually we get more traffic in the back yard with them checking the watermelons and turning on the irrigation than along the road in front lol

  2. I love your farmhouse. Your trees look great. I can't wait to see all that you are going to do with your farm.
    I am so thankful that I get to live like I do with only my family as neighbors. :)
    Thanks for stopping by and I will be watching all of the good things you are doing.
    I liked the duck in the sandbox by the way.
    My Field of Dreams