Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Fences

Make good neighbours. Or in my case a good fence will keep me from ringing Jayne's (our male duck) neck. He has the annoying habit of wandering into my newly planted flower beds and chewing on the leaves.

We won't be staining this fence as I'm going for a weathered wood look.  Hopefully it'll be gray in a couple of years.  As soon as Limey has finished building the fence I can take the floating row cover off and take some pics of my flower garden.  I've been working hard at it!


  1. dont you need to put a weather preservative on it though..or it will rot ??

  2. The posts have been treated at the bottom. Once the rest of it has weathered, we'll treat them. They should turn gray long before they start to rot.

  3. we had to do the same thing because of the chickens here...though our fence is not as pretty as day we do hope it will evolve into white pickets...look forward to seeing your pretty flowers.

    Blessings Kelsie