Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Ham

A week before Bunny Day, I took out the ham that came from our pig.  Using the recipe in Charcuterie, I cured the ham in the fridge.  We don't have a smoker yet, so I skipped that part and just baked it in the oven.  I added a last minute glaze and here's how it looked.

It was fabulous.  Definitely the tastiest ham I've ever eaten.  Limey moaned through the entire meal and he has never liked ham.  I really hope we can have a big luau this summer so everyone can try the roast pig.  Heritage pork is so good and you really need to taste it to understand.

The other thing I made that was super tasty was a rosemary potato strudel.  So good and impressive looking with little effort.

These photos are making me hungry. I may just have to take out another ham.


  1. Looks delish...my mouth is watering over here.

    We have a custom butcher that once a year (Thanksgiving) does amazing smoked ham...You have to order like 3months in advance to get on his list...We get one each yr...OH MY they are so good.

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. heritage pork is absolutely the best,once you try it there is no going back, I know I couldn't!
    Those potatoes look amazing!!

  3. Looks amazing! My mouth is watering at the sight of the ham (and strudel!). I will have to make the potatoes this weekend and the ham...I guess I better get an order and a deposit in!!!

  4. Up until last year, we raised Berkshire pigs. They are the best. Tender as all git out!