Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sneaky Sneaky

Our cat Pippin died back in September. I have had cats for about 17 years now and have dealt with several deaths.  So after Pippin died I was done. No more cats.

A couple of weeks ago dd2 started talking about how much she missed Pippin and how she wanted to get another cat. We all started getting wishy washy about it but still I was reluctant. Yesterday Limey sent me a link to an ad for kittens on Kijiji. He had been planning on getting me a kitten for Mother's Day but decided it would be better for me to pick one out myself. Of course I caved and today we brought home a beautiful flame point Siamese.

Getting ready to pounce!

On the way to pick him up we ran through names with the kids. Several names were suggested, everything from Dandelion (dd1) to Kai (dd2). Nothing sounded right until I started giggling and managed to blurt out "Tootsie Noodles". If you haven't seen the new Starkid musical "Starship" you can watch it online here. We're thinking of adding a female and calling her MegaGirl.

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