Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Walk and an Owie

Limey mowed a path along the perimeter of the property so we could take a walk and snap some pictures.

There's a large section of this along the side of the barn. What is it?

Jayne and Kayley looking for bugs.

The grass is getting high!

We still need a lot of fence.

From the furthest corner.

A mystery bite.

Whenever I go to the back of the property I'm surprised by how much space is still left unfenced.  Because of the lay of the land, it looks a lot smaller from the house. 

Limey doesn't know what bit him as he didn't feel it bite.  It swelled up pretty badly and I'll admit that I snickered as he left for work. 

In other news, we found someone to dig the paths out and till the beds to the size we need.  It's going to cost us money we don't really have but it needs to be done.  With another week of rain in the forecast it would be fall before the beds would dug up if Limey continued by hand.   Hopefully now I can look forward to not buying produce from the store soon!


  1. Yikes! That is a nasty bite.

    I think that blossom is a type of wild chokecherry - I'm not 100% sure on that! We have a ton of them too. Very lovely (:

  2. I Googled and it looks just like a chokecherry. Yipeee something edible!

  3. Likely blackfly bite, they swell up especially bad on the face. What kind of work does your husband do...and did that fat lip fit into his workplace, lol.

  4. He spent the afternoon hosting a kids birthday party...lmao.