Thursday, June 23, 2011


Companion planting is really important for getting the most out of your space and making the work of gardening easier on yourself.

I had planted the space beside my greenhouse with grapevines set a couple of feet apart in a row.  The area between and underneath the vines has since grown in with grass and weeds.  I have no plans to keep weeding this bed, nor do we use chemical weed killer.  I also don't want to rely on gas fueled weed trimmers to keep the weeds down around my plants.  So how do I keep this area weed free for the grapes?

I Googled until I found a list of plants that are companions for grapes.  Thyme, oregano, chives and clover were on the list for their insect repelling abilities.   I don't need any more clover so that's a no.  Of the three remaining suggestions, oregano is the one that I find fills in the fastest and most dense.  So in went the oregano. It's also a perennial so won't need replanting year after year. 

Grapes and Greek Oregano
Soon enough this bed should be full of oregano.  No more weeding and lots of yummy Greek food in my future.

Farmgirl Friday


  1. I love how full my oregano gets every year!

  2. That is really clever. We are on the north shore of the province where it gets very windy and colder, so grapes don't do well without buffering and babying. I do like to have grapes growing around the house however and chives grow like weeds so will try those. Thanks!

  3. Love this, we tried to plant things that complement each other too in our garden. I love your blog, found in from a blog hop. Hope you can stop by mine sometime. :)

  4. What a great idea. I know just a little about what plants compliment each other, but I do find it fascinating!