Sunday, June 19, 2011

Frankenchicken Sees the Light

We moved the meat chickens outside this morning.  Actually we did a test run last night by putting 5 outside.  I wanted to make sure they weren't all going to die from exposure. 

Limey removed the hutches from the old chicken tractor and put a tarp on top to keep the wind and rain out.  He put the tractor in the paddock where we are currently keeping the baby ducks and geese. 

Honestly I didn't think that the Frankenchickens would actually walk around and eat something other than their chick builder.  When we moved them from the brooder to a bigger indoor aviary they still wouldn't move beyond their food dishes. 

I was wrong.

Look, they can walk!

The chicken at the back is actually eating the grass.
Well this is encouraging.  Maybe we can grow them out a little longer now.  I'm still a little paranoid that they will die of a heart attack at the 8 week mark.

How do you grow your meat chickens?  Any successes with free-ranging?


  1. Ours are going outside at 2 weeks old. We're giving them grass clipping and dandelion leaves already. Come on frankenchickens, try to be normal!

  2. We always raise ours on pasture from a couple weeks old on.
    They can clean a large area of pasture quickly.
    They do excellent.
    We use a big chicken tractor and move it daily,this year I might try them in my electric net fencing.

  3. Ours have access to the outside, but refuse to go. They stay at the feeder. One has died already. I figure from heart failure. They are only 4 weeks old.

    We only keep them 6 weeks. By that time they dress out between 4-6 pounds. More than large enough for a family of 3.

  4. we moved our frankenchicks out at 4 weeks old and their LOVING it.. i'm going to be keeping mine till near fall so that should give them lots of time to build up and eat all the yummy things... The kids love finding them worms..


  5. I know this is an older post but we've got 25 4 week old Cornish X's. They love to graze as well. Anytime we move the tractor they're thrilled to have new grass. I'm finding that yes, they're little poop machines but frankly aren't the horrible beasts I've read about online. I quite like them and they're charming in their own way.

    Okay, no, I've nothing to compare them to yet. We haven't got our layers yet but still, I'm enjoying these guys.

    Oh, this is WishboneDawn from WTM. :)

  6. Hey Dawn,

    Ours are doing great outside. They have a tractor but don't use it. They just wander around and sleep where they stop. No poop pile ups so far.