Friday, June 24, 2011

Human Body Curriculum

We did a bit on the human body last year.  This year we are going to go a little more in depth.  I bought Basher: Human Body: A Book With Guts for our spine.  I like the Basher books, they are a fun read with cute pictures.  I also picked up an activity book called Easy Make and Learn Projects: Human Body.

I went through both books and came up with this lesson (chapters?) list;

Lesson 1:  Human Body
Lesson 2:  Cells
Lesson 3:  The Brain
Lesson 4:  Nerves
Lesson 5:  Eyes
Lesson 6:  Ears
Lesson 7:  Nose
Lesson 8:  The Exterior
Lesson 9:  Bones
Lesson 10:  Muscles
Lesson 11:  Respiratory System
Lesson 12:  The Heart
Lesson 13:  Circulation
Lesson 14:  The Digestive System

From there I did lots of searching, on Google and our library site to find books and links for us to explore for each subject.  Then I added my findings to a chart like this;

and so on.

The links are numbered and organized in my bookmarks like this;

Once the suggested activities, book etc are ticked off on the above chart for a complete lesson I'll give dd1 a sticker to put on this chart;

I know, I know, learning is it's own reward.  Still, nothing wrong with a little extra fun.

This is the format I'm using for most of the subjects.  There are a few that I'm doing a little differently, math and science for example.  We're going quite a bit more formal this year at dd1's request and to do that I need this kind of organization.

I'm looking forward to the fall!

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