Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sittin in the Sun

I was just sitting out in the sun earlier while the kids played in their little fishy pool. A friend had just been by to show us the leis she made out of daisies and clover from her yard. They were fantastic! The bar has definitely been set for the Luau costumes. I'm so excited about this party! For myself I had been looking at a 50's hibiscus cocktail dress on Ebay. It was gorgeous but maybe a tad formal so I bought a gorgeous navy and white sarong instead.  The seller has a huge variety of sarongs and pareos. There's a video on Youtube that shows you the different ways to tie them.

In addition to having everyone stand around looking gorgeous in their luau gear, Limey and I are planning a bunch of little contests for both the adults and kids.  Closer to the party we'll send out a schedule for them so you don't miss out on your favourite party game.

So far I'm thinking;

tug o' war
hoola hoop
sack race
pineapple bowling
beanbag toss into a cutout of a tiki mask

Any ideas for summer party games?

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