Monday, June 20, 2011

Surprise! More Animal Photos

It took almost a year but we finally have a decent number of Buff Orpingtons. We just picked up these 10 weekers a couple of days ago. They are very calm and collected.

Two beautiful roos.

Three gorgeous hens.
I'm still amazed at how fast the geese are growing.  When I feed them, they stomp all over the little ducks with their big clumsy feet.
We renamed the biggest goose Hercules.

The pigs are growing well. Bully is still the biggest. The other 5 are all the same size now. If you stand too close to the gate they'll come over and chew on your pants. I've seen them nibbling on the odd hen that sneaks into their paddock.

We pretty much have all the animals we wanted.  I still want to switch out the goats to Nubians and get some sheep.  I have to wait a until next spring to grow my goose flock.  The Australorps will be ready to breed soon and it won't be long before we can hatch out the Orpingtons.

Fun, fun fun!

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  1. I love orpingtons! they are such a nice looking bird, however I had to send my rooster to a new home, he didn't like little people. hopefully yours will get used to your kids gradually and then you will really enjoy them. they are so beautiful!!!! love your blog!

  2. Thanks Tracy! There's 4 boys in that batch so hopefully we get a friendly one. We also have 3 younger ones that I can't sex yet and another batch of 12 on order from a different farm.

  3. I'd love to have pigs. I <3 yours.