Monday, July 18, 2011

Bullet time

  • Waiting on camera battery
  • No payments or interest for 18 months at Future Shop
  • WTF external hard drive?!  You aren't supposed to delete things at random
  • Curriculum almost done.  Only art and FIAR wannabe left to write.
  • Party planning this week.  40 coming, 40 have not graced me with a yes, no or maybe.  
  • Blew a tire.  I think we're way past three now.
  • Banana ice cream is to die for.  Made the same way as the peanut butter one just sub 1 mashed banana for the peanut butter.  
  • Rabbits and muscovy ducks for sale $15 each.  Pets, grass eaters or just fabulous eating.
  • Lost 2 turkeys.
  • Where are my parcels?!  Damn you Canada Post!
  • Harry Potter! 
  • The Hunger Games!  Debating whether or not to read the other two.
  • Torchwood?!  Why are you now a run of the mill American CSI type show?
  • 40 Australorp eggs in the incubator. 
  • Did I mention the party is in 11 days?  


  1. TORCHWOOD / CSI....Please tell me you are kidding...I have DVR'd the first couple but not had time to watch...OH I wanna cry...I made the sacrifice of Dr Who when we down graded our viewing package but it was ok, will still have the new Torchwood...

    Sorry about the computer and car troubles...Hope those 40 give you an answer soon..

    As for me I am going to sit in the corner and rock and cry over Torchwood

  2. It's really obviously an American show. The heavily made up actors, the way it's shot, the dialogue. It's disappointing.