Saturday, July 9, 2011


A friend of ours took off to Halifax for the weekend and left us her goats.  They are really cute with much nicer ears than our goats have.  Robin and Lily aren't entirely impressed with the situation but that might be because they've been kicked out of the main part of their house and are now sleeping in the baby side. 

In other news, my first attempt at mozzarella was an epic failure. It was fine right up until the stretching phase. At that point it disintegrated. How can I move on to making brie if I can't even get mozzarella right?


  1. Because moz is so hard to get right! It took me a long time too. Did you follow the Fias Co recipe? That's the only one that worked for me, and only if I follow her directions exactly.

    And if you haven't tried it, her feta recipe is awesome!

  2. The feta recipe I use (under recipes above) is a bit less involved than the Fias Co one. It still works out great. I'll have to try out the mozza recipe there.

  3. much do you charge? We are planning to visit England in 3 years and I'm already looking for a place for my goats to board. hmmmmm...possibility?