Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little Fun

Sometimes you have to take a break from homesteading and have a little fun away from the farm.

Upper Clements Park has being having BOGO days, so we took a little drive and spent the day there.  The park is a nice size.  It's not huge like Canada's Wonderland so there's minimal whining from the kids about having to do so much walking. 

We started with a little train ride.  And thennnnnnnn.....

Practiced long distance truck driving.

Flew some airplanes.

Reenacted the Kentucky Derby.

Got a little cardio in on the manual go carts.

Cooled off in the pool.

Turned my legs into jelly on the paddle boats.

Climbed some tubes.

Bumped around on the bumper boats.

There's also some bigger rides like a ferris wheel, zipper type ride, flume, waterslide, zip lines and a wooden roller coaster.  It was a fun time and we'll definitely be attending BOGO days in the future.


  1. We actually bought a season pass this year. It's the only way we will take some time together as a family. This way we want to make the most of the pass, so we'll actually go. Not just spend time at home knowing we'll work and not spend time together. Because that's what happens. There's always work to do . This was we spend family time.

  2. When do they hold Bogo days? I've been checking their website and the only discount I see is for CAA members, we are trying to get down there this weekend.

  3. They had it posted on their blog in the comments. BOGO days were in June. I don't think they have them the rest of the year.