Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Pork Went Missing

Me: What was that noise?!
Limey: Just the movie.
Me: It sounded like pig's grunting behind me (looks at open window).
Limey: I'm sure it was the guys fighting on the movie.

Unsatisfied with that response I go out onto the step outside the kitchen.  3 pigs approach me.   We go out and shake the food.  Still only 3 pigs.  Start having mild heart attack.  Inconveniently all the flashlights were dead.  After 15 minutes of searching in the dark, shaking the food bucket, the other three show up.  The electric line was down.

I think we'll be buying some barbed wire in the morning.                                                                                    


  1. ohhh nooo, glad they came back!!

  2. Men are so hearing and thought impaired once the TV is switched on...Good girl for trusting your instincts and bringing back the bacon.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Our pigs are staying in so far but the damn raccoons have figured out how to jump our electric fence and are stealing one chicken a night, for the past 4 nights. And there are 3 pairs of geese in this paddock with them, you'd think the ganders would make some noise. Very frustrating.

  4. We have been lucky so far in that there haven't been any hungry predators about. I'm super paranoid about it though.

  5. Kelsie: I deeply resent that comment! I can multitask quite well while watching tv. I can watch, drink beer and eat snacks all at the same time. Besides, the pig grunts occurred at the same time that an escaped prisoner from a psychiatric hospital got into a fight with a bunch of guards... I assume they even used pig grunts as special sound effects!

  6. stay out of my account limey