Friday, July 1, 2011

What's Blooming

The flower garden is starting to fill up. A lot of the stuff I planted from seed (poppies and such) doesn't seem to have sprouted. But all the perennials are doing great. My DSLR is still at the shop so I'm still taking blah photos with my point and shoot.

Evening Primrose, the only yellow in the garden.

Autumn Joy Sedum, not blooming but still nice!

No idea what this is.

Endless Summer Hydrangea.  Not this colour.  It's actually blueish purple.

Farmgirl Friday


  1. Love your blooms! Is that your farm in the header photo? Lovely! I've always wanted to visit Nova Scotia! is it as beautiful as the photos we see?

  2. the blue plant is Delphinium.

  3. Autumn Joy Sedum - Thanks for posting this, I've got one in my front garden and never knew what it was! :D

  4. So nice to have flowers blooming. It's amazing how spoiled those DSLRs make us! Hope it's back soon.