Monday, August 8, 2011

Couple of Questions

I've been dreaming a lot about Christmas lately. Specifically I've been thinking about gifts.  We tend to do gifts differently each year. Some years we go all out, others we do less, sometimes we have a rule about making all the gifts.  This year is going to be minimal and primarily handmade. 

With that in mind, I have two questions.

1.  Do you know of a free online sock pattern (knit) that is super basic and easy? 
2.  Do you know of a online store that sells natural fibre fabrics (wool, hemp, cotton) in solid colours that is either in Canada or ships to Canada via USPS?


  1. There are a myriad of easy basic sock patterns available (free) on Are you a member? Free to join and quite easy to search for patterns. Also Lion Brand Yarn's website has lots of free patterns including socks.
    Loads of links free patterns on "Knitting Pattern Central" for socks here:

  2. I am not a member but I can change that. Thanks for the links!

  3. Gaspereau Valley Fibers has the best selection of wool around here,they have a website and are not to far from you.
    Also I agree with Claire,Raverly is great!

  4. You could try garnstudio all free patterns

    or knitty also free patterns

  5. I'm happy to recommend my own basic sock pattern - available for free on Ravelry... - it works with all standard fingering weight sock yarns. Have fun!

    Knitty is great for free patterns, but they're mostly more innovative/complicated (the sock ones, at least).

  6. Gaspereau Valley Fibres is worth the trip. Beautiful fibres and wool, lots of supplies, knowledgeable staff... and the kids can come with and check out the Cotswold sheep, llamas, and chickens. A beautiful drive, and if you time it right you can hit a farmers market or two on the way! And you drive by two yummy wineries too!