Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Ex

The Annapolis Valley Exhibition is coming up.  You can find the schedule of events here.  We went on the first day last year and although it was a bit more subdued than I expect the weekend dates were, we still had a lot of fun.

It was at the Ex that I fell in love with Buff Orpingtons.

These chickens were massive. 

You can enter all sorts of stuff in the various contests they have.  There are a lot of categories and even more subcategories.  Anyone do flower arrangements in teacups?  They have a contest for that.  I'd like to enter chickens but it's required that your entire flock be vaccinated which is not something I'm willing to do.  The Ex is a good place to do a little window shopping for animals.  Cattle and horses dominate but you can find poultry, goats, sheep and rabbits as well.

In addition to the animals on display they also have a bunch of midway rides and games and an arena showcasing various events such as oxen parades, sheep rodeos and lots of horse stuff. 

Limey wants to go again this year but I'm not feeling like spending the cash.  Maybe they will trade us tickets for one of our frozen chickens?

Anyone going to the Ex this year?  What day do you think is best to go?

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  1. Buff Orpingtons! I just bought some Buff Orp chicks and successfully slipped them under my broody hen the other night.

    I wish we had and exhibition around here. I would absolutely love to visit one just to see. We attended our regional state fair a couple years ago. We headed immediately for the animal tent, only to discover it was just a big petting zoo. The exhibition tent was full of vendors. Talk about disappointed.

    In answer to your question about good books on medicinal herbs, check out the ones recommended in the comments of that post. I'd also personally recommend James Greens The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook, and The New Age Herbalist edited by Richard Mabey (my current favorite). Other than that, I'd say scour your public library! Also interlibrary loan for those you're considering buying. There are so many books on herbs out there, it would be good to get a hands on look at some of them.