Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Bullets

  • Limey is having fun in construction.  Comes home telling me crazy stories about drywallers.
  • Rain, rain, rain.  Is hurricane season around the corner?
  • The Ex is next week.  Wednesday is kids day.  Rides will be 1 ticket each until 5pm.  Still debating.
  • Thinking about switching the goats out later in the fall.  Anyone have purebred Nubians from excellent milking lines they want to sell me?  Preferably already pregnant.  We need a higher cream content.
  • Going to can mustard beans this weekend.
  • Reevaluating our homestead plans.  Moving some things higher on the priority list, some things lower.
  • Have you seen the math curriculum Life of Fred?  I'm digging it.
  • The tomatoes are flowering.  The bees better get to work.
  • Wondering if we should get bee hives next year.  
  • Pork soon! I haven't had bacon in months.  Can't wait.
  • I started rereading all the HP books last week.  I'm halfway through book 4.  
  • Limey started listening to the HP audio books last week.  Finally I can discuss books with my non-reader husband!
  • Perseid meteor shower overnight.  Maybe I'll crawl out of bed this year to watch them without having to worry about the police interrupting.
  • Baby ducks today. They are so cute.  $5 each.  Still have 3 monthers for $15.
  • Pigs threw mud on me this morning.  I then spilled beet juice down my shirt and a chicken shit  down my pant leg.  Fun on the farm. 
  • For a laugh...who doesn't love Uncle Jesse?


    1. A friend of mine grew tomatoes in a greenhouse this year. Although she had the windows open & some flowers to attract the bees they didn't seem to be interested. Her sister ended up pollinating the flowers by hand and had great success with it. Just in case your bees aren't interested either. ~Meghan

    2. I have 4 varities of Tomatoes in my little greenhouse. The Romas and Bush Early Girls are doing amazing, the others are not doing well at all.

      I would be interested in why you are rethinking your priorities? What changes are you thinking about making? An lastly, why do you want a higher fat content in your goats milk? Not trying to pry, just learn.


    3. Thanks for the offer Shawn. I need one for meat and it's recommened that you don't use anything less than 16qt for pressure canning.

      We're going to downgrade our business plans and focus more on self-sufficiency for the next year.

      I need way more cream than we currently get for butter and cheese making. I'm tempted to go for a cow but Limey prefers the health benefits of goat milk. Plus goats are less risky financially.

    4. Got it, thanks, I figured the fat content had to do with cheese, but wasn't sure.

      See you guys in a few weeks.