Thursday, August 11, 2011

Putting Up

I've started doing some canning.  At the moment I'm just doing the boiling water method but I am on the lookout for a reasonably priced pressure canner.

So far, I've canned sweet pickled beets and strawberries in syrup.

My favourite home-canned good is green tomato and apple chutney so my fingers are crossed that we get some tomatoes soon.

The Ball Book is the most highly recommended canning book but I have been searching for years for a copy with no luck.  I ended up buying the Bernardin book which seems decent enough.  However, it is lacking in pressure canner recipes. 

You can also check out this link and this one if you don't want to buy a book. 

I made one other product that I'll post about later when I can get a decent photo of it...



...Chokecherry syrup!


  1. Oh, did you try out those wild choke cherries??

  2. I am upgrading my 9-12 PSI Lagostina cooker for a 15+ PSI one. The one I have is fine for Fruit/Veg canning, but higher is needed for meat/poultry. If you are interested I would trade something for it. Meat is always good :)