Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just a Wee Bit Stressed

The pigs got out again tonight.  This time they have completely destroyed the electric fence in one corner of the yard.  Unfortunately they chose to break out in the cover of darkness.  Our flashlights aren't recharging and the oil lamps aren't giving off enough light.  Limey managed to rewire but now he can't find his tool to tighten it (too dark).  He's going to attempt to clean up the barn and lock them in there.

The bigger problem is that they no longer seem to care about the electric fence.   Tomorrow is Sunday and the feed store is closed and it's the only place we know of that sells barbed wire which we now hope to keep the pigs in with.   Home Hardware doesn't carry it in the store and I know of nowhere else to get it.  We can't keep them in the barn long term and clearly they are going to keep breaking out of the paddock.

I don't think I'm going to sleep until the fence gets properly sorted out.  I can't wait until this growing season is over.


  1. So sorry to read about your piggy problems...I hope you are able to get the fence sorted real soon.

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. Bill suggested Home hardware afterlunch.... but youjust mentioned they dont have it in the store...

    and Lequille doesnt carry any?....


    sorry about the piggies...

  3. Our transmission went on our van today... we're stranded. I'm trying not to panic.

  4. Are you stranded at home or out?!

    We got the pigs sorted out by 1am last night. The electric is back on but who knows how long that'll last. Everywhere was either closed or doesn't sell barbed wire. Limey is going to try and find some tomorrow. I wish we could just put them in the freezer but they are at least 100lbs away from market weight.

  5. And this is why we got rid of the pigs!! They are a pain in the patootie! Mind you ours never got out. Thank goodness. Trying to round up 2 700lbs pigs (which is what our breeders were at the time) didn't exactly thrill my bean.

  6. Call us next time; I know we have had no formal meeting but Danny is full of ideas and experience not to mention the odd extra roll of wire. Not to mention way too much experience with loose animals.
    Deep breaths