Friday, September 9, 2011

Not Quite Jelly

I tried to make red pepper and garlic jelly the other day.  I seem to have an issue with jellies because no matter what I do they just don't fully gel.  The first go resulted in syrup.  I reprocessed the batch and it ended up a bit thicker.  Oh well, it'll still be yummy poured over baked brie.

My pantry is filling up quite nicely. It's a bit of a mess though and I'm hoping we can reno it over the winter.

Next on my canning agenda is stock and chard.


  1. I LOVE pepper jelly!!!!!!!!! I love it over cream cheese with crackers, I love it with chicken floutas. I love it with pork!!

  2. Was it raining by any chance? My jelly jells better on a high pressure clear day. I tried to make peach jam the other day when it was rainy, didn't solidify and I even cooked it longer to try and compensate for the weather.