Monday, September 12, 2011

Spacey Wacey but Not Timey Wimey

Dd1 has been studying the solar system over the past week as a part of her geography curriculum.  We read lots of books and watched some cool videos about space.  She also completed her very first lapbook.  Lapbooking is very popular so I thought I'd give it a go.  I'm glad we did because she really loves her new book.

The beautiful cover.

The interior is jam-packed with information.

Once it got dark we set up our dusty telescope for a little viewing.  We tried to find the Pinwheel galaxy supernova but the moon just kept getting brighter, making it impossible to see.  As there are no planets up yet, we turned the scope to the moon.  A full moon makes the least spectacular photo.  When it's just a crescent you get a nicer view of the craters.  Tonight's moon was good practice for using my camera with the telescope.  I definitely need to get an adapter for it so I don't have to try and line the camera up with the scope's lens. 

Not quite as sharp as it was in person.

I'm going to go back out in a bit to try and get a shot of Jupiter.

Update;   Could not get a clear photo of Jupiter but I could see it well enough with it's moons.  Got another closer shot of the moon.  A bit fuzzy but it'll do.


  1. Wow - the first moon shot looks just like a retina! And I love your lapbook!

  2. Oh, and we caught up on Dr Who last night, too. :)