Sunday, September 11, 2011

Still Flowering

My flower garden is still chugging away.  Some stuff has died like the sunflowers but despite being a bit weedy it's looking fairly decent.

Here are my faves right now.

This white mallow is quickly becoming a favourite annual. I usually plant the pink but I find the white more eye-catching. Next year I'm going to plant it all around my coral rose.

My Autumn Joy sedum is huge.  I liked it before when it was just green but now I'm loving the pink.

I was supposed to stick to a pastel theme after being inspired by a gorgeous garden  I saw online.  Unfortunately, I have the tendency to ignore my own rules which is how this bright coneflower found it's way in to my garden.


  1. Hey, It's duck day tomorrow.

    I realized today that it almost feels normal living here now. We run in to people we know and you guys know the recent on-goings of our day to day life. Like real friends and not "we just met" friends. Dare I say that we're comfortable here.

  2. I hope you like it!

    I love it here. I don't think I've ever felt more at home anywhere else. It's great.

  3. Aww those are both so sweet it almost brought a tear to my eye. Really cool!!