Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy and Lazy

I feel like such a slacker these days.  Instead of taking responsibility for my slackitude I'm going to blame allergens and my increasingly needy son.  He's climbing on me right now and slapping at the keyboard.

On Saturday I had a blissful 2.5 hours all alone in the house for the first time in over a year.  I downed a Benadryl and took advantage of the time to sleep.  It was nice to have the entire bed to myself.

Unfortunately I can't laze around forever.  It's time for me to get back into a working groove because it's harvest time.  We might actually get a frost this week so I spent yesterday pulling a bunch of root veg.  Some of them I could leave in through a frost but I find the longer they stay in the ground the more likely they'll have worm damage.  I got 5 buckets of carrots, 2 buckets of beets, a bucket of turnips and 2 of cucumbers.  There are quite a few cantaloupe out there but they aren't going to ripen in time.

The pigs and chickens should be ready to butcher in a month or so.  We still have lots of ducks and one of the girls is sitting on a clutch of eggs.  We're also getting a quarter beef for the freezer.  The freezer was upsized once this year and we're going to have to go bigger yet.  With the produce we're pulling in, it looks like we're going to be successful in making most of our diet local.

Thanksgiving is on Monday and I'm really excited about trying our free-range turkey.  If we're really motivated we might go to a U-Pick for some pears.

For the Canadians out there, what are your plans this year for Thanksgiving?  Anything new?


  1. This year we are going to friend's house. We went there a few years ago and I loved, loved, loved it!!! They had invited people of all sorts of nationalities and we had to bring an ethnic side dish. They supplied the turkey that had been cooked in a outside brick oven. It was delish!!! We all ate outside and enjoyed the Indian summer/fall. This year they are having it again with the turkey, only this year we are also supplying a 35 lb whole pig for them to cook in the oven also. I can't wait!!!

  2. Theodore is super needy too, it's a boy thing lol