Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Bullets

  • I officially declare the 2004 Kia Sedona, a lemon.  The van ate another $700.
  • Goats will be sold this weekend.
  • Lost 20 meat chickens to the crappy hurricane weather, guess we won't be selling any...sigh.
  • Harvested another 2 buckets of cukes.  They just won't stop.
  • All that's left is chard, kale and some potatoes.  Can't wait to try again next year!
  • Limey and I have a brief moment where we contemplated moving to a little apartment in downtown Ottawa.  Dd1 snapped us out of it by declaring "we can't move to the city, we're farmers!"  
  • I still haven't decided on fabric for the cushions. I can make a big decision in seconds. We once went window shopping at the mall and came home with a new car.  The little ones however, take me forever to make.
  • Which is better, pumpkin pie or sweet potato?


  1. What killed the Chickens? Exposure? Were they in a chicken tractor?

  2. They all got wet and then piled up on each other in the coops. The dead ones were the unlucky ones on the bottom of the pile.

  3. Sweet Potato casserole!! Are you bringing the goats to the cattle sale or did they sell privately. I know with all the problems I've had this year in the goat dept, it's amazing I didn't throw in the towel also.

  4. I usually make sweet potato pie but this year Limey wants pumpkin (local).

    Someone is coming by on Sunday for the goats. I'm glad they are going.

  5. Oh Limette that is too bad about the chickens! We had the same thing happen here a few weeks ago but it was because of the humidity....13 in total all around 6lbs.....we also have had that feeling of moving to town but it passes....for
    As for the pie,I'm not a fan but Geof loves pumpkin:)

  6. Sounds like you have been having a hard time...I am sorry the goats did not work out for you...I guess I have missed a few posts...what happened?

    I love sweet potato casserole...makes room for pumpkin pie :)

    Hope things get better soon
    Blessings Kelsie

  7. I wouldn't complain if you decided to head back to Ottawa haha!