Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Bullets

  • Spent the afternoon splitting and stacking wood.  There's no end in site.
  • Smashed my finger on the wood splitter. Owie!
  • Harvested two more buckets of green tomatoes. 
  • Just received a front quarter of beef.
  • Limey is all licensed up for hunting.  He just needs a gun.
  • Our meat chickens are massive now that they've spent a couple of weeks in the barn.
  • Reading The Kingkiller Chronicles.  
  • Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous even though I only got to eat the leftovers.
  • Part of the baby's Halloween costume in the picture below.  Who doesn't love Totoro?


  1. Saw on an earlier post that you harvested your carrots. How are you storing these? Mine are still in the ground because I've tried storing them in sand, in plastic bags, in the fridge, and they still go rubbery on me. Any advice?

  2. We are storing in sand this year. It has to be damp sand with a temp of 32-40F and a humidity of 90-95%.

    The fridge isn't a good place for long term storage. You can leave them in the ground for awhile covered in hay. An unfinished basement or crawl space is usually the right environment.

    I highly recommend the book "Root Cellaring" by Mike and Nancy Bubel. It tells you how to store the various fruits and vegetables and has descriptions of how to build various types of root cellars/storage spaces.