Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Bullets

  • Found the source of the ceiling leak.  Now how to fix the leaky window and soaking wet wall?
  • Unsurprisingly there is no insulation in this house.
  • I finally came up with a plan for the kitchen reno.  Unfortunately it's on a 10 year plan.
  • Still working on the pigs.  
  • I'm supposed to be curing bacon and ham today but I can't seem to move from this chair.
  • I bought eggs the other day.  My chickens are on strike.  Maybe they want an electric blanket?
  • Someone might be potty training.  
  • NS is supposed to be heading for good economic times but I'm not convinced that NS doesn't just mean Halifax.
  • 3 cords of firewood cut and split, 4 to go. 
  • Will taking Vitamin D during the winter make me feel less blah?
  • To defeat the blahs, I think of Christmas.  It's so close!


  1. I do believe when they say NS, they really mean Halifax.

    Also give your chickens one of those twirly bulbs, as light but make sure it's a daylight and not soft white. Check on the box to make sure it has at least 4200k. Put it on a timer for an hour more of daylight in the morning and one at night. It'll do wonders.

  2. Your roof has a lot of joining sections and the usual suspect of leaks is no caulking along these joints. Water usually funnels from the roof line to a V making it appear it is a window or door leaking.

  3. He had already patched the roof leak exactly where you said. The roof was installed a couple of years ago and was done completely wrong. It needs replacing.

    The new leak was from an old window. It was rotten all along the frame. It smashed coming out and now we need a new window too.