Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Bullets

  • First snow of the season.  Hopefully it'll be gone by this evening so we can find our buried snow shovel.
  • Lost 3 young blue chickens this week.  One to an owl, the others to exposure.  Can't figure out why none of the chickens would go in their coops during the snowstorm.
  • I had a wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday.  It took forever to get out and by the time it was done I was so traumatized that I felt faint afterward.  I hate teeth.
  • Rolling sushi freehand is way easier than using a mat.  
  • Tootsie is refusing to go outside and spends all his time laying next to the wood stove.  Hard life.
  • I have Limey hooked on audio books.  Finally we can discuss books together!  
  • All this snow makes me want to put the tree up.  First we need to buy one.  Anyone selling them yet?
  • I keep going back and forth about having more kids.  Last week I was thinking yes.  This week, no freakin way.   
  • I wonder if I can salvage the chard?  It's still out there because I was too lazy to process it.
  • The Christmas Pearl.  My yearly Christmas read.

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