Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Dinner

I can't actually finalize this until tomorrow night after Limey has been hunting.  So this is the almost final list of what I'm going to be cooking for the big Christmas meal.

I suspect we'll be having goose if a pheasant fails to make an appearance.

What's on your Christmas menu?  Are you a traditionalist or do you change it up from year to year?


  1. Sounds yummy!! What is strudel??
    We have Prime Rib, Yorkshire pudding, spinach soufflé, Caesar salad, some kind of potatoes yet to be determined and fresh fruit and chocolate fondue for desert.

  2. What is potato strudel I meant to ask, I know what strudel is.

  3. We are having a Martha Stewart brined turkey with the trimmings. Your menu looks wonderful, what a variety! Do you find it hard to source the ingredients? My kitchen is not at all well stocked in the spices, herbs, liquor departments and saffron is something I've never seen here in Canada. Where do you get it?

  4. The only thing I couldn't find was the bottled chestnuts so I'm just not using them. In Thunder Bay, you could buy saffron at the grocery store but I usually bought it at the bulk zone because it was cheaper. There it came in a little square plastic container. At the Superstore it came in one of the regular spice jars. I still have some so haven't checked around here for it yet.

  5. Some things for Christmas dinner are traditional: cinnamon apples, pumpkin pie, lemon pie, my grandmother's roll recipe. mulled cider. One year I found a crown roast on sale, and wish I could have continued that, but alas, they're too pricey. Otherwise, it's usually ham. This year I have an abundance of sweet potatoes, so I'll scallop those instead of whites.

    Other food traditions: pepperoni bread and a variety of Christmas cookies for Christmas Eve, and Scotch eggs for Christmas brunch. This year I'll make a persimmon pie for Christmas breakfast as well, and see if that becomes our newest tradition.