Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Early Present

I finally took a picture of the tree.  It's been wrecked and fixed several times since we first put it up.

Limey spent his day off shopping for Christmas presents.  He insisted on monopolizing an entire shelf in the fridge for a wrapped present.  At some point the kids found a grape in the sunroom where he had been wrapping.  I gave him a look and said "I hope you know that grapes won't stay fresh for longer than a couple days".   He looked slightly guilty and headed to the fridge.  While he was rummaging around I reminded him about expiry dates.   A minute later, he brings out this massive cheese basket and says "Get well soon!"

The basket was full of prosciutto, salamis, cheese, wine, fruit and crackers.  It was fabulous.  I just hope he doesn't think that he can now replace it with a different present for Christmas.   He's a bit of a cheater like that.


  1. ... that's lovely. :) :)

  2. That is a beautiful tree! Funny Limey. Last year my husband let our daughter hide my loot and she did such a good job, I am still finding things! Just last week I flipped her mattress and found the New Yorker magazine he kept insisting was in my stocking, lol

  3. My mom used to hide our Easter presents. We had the same issue with finding stuff after the holidays.