Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Bullets

  • Sold some more ducks.  
  • Wondering how people can afford solar panels.  From what I can tell, getting off-grid will cost as much as my mortgage.  I doubt a bank will give me that loan.
  • I don't think Limey will be doing any more hunting this year thanks to some crazy neighbour conflict going on out back.  
  • Christmas tree is up!  I couldn't wait any longer.  
  • Santa bowling party in Greenwood on the 17th.
  • Put a light in the coop to try and encourage the chickens to lay.  It's been months now.  Break time is over!
  • Read the first Discworld novel and really didn't like it.  I felt it was both trying to hard and not trying at all.
  • My Christmas menu is out of control.  Talk me down.


  1. Maybe next year I will be able to hook Limey up with a hunting spot if he doesn't figure something out before then.

  2. Ack, yes solar is so expensive! If we were to go that way, it would be a little bit at a time.
    Our old farm we were off grid. For the little electric we needed we had a generator to charge batteries with.

  3. There is a program that let's you pay off the solar install with what wou would save getting off the grid. So you basically pay your electric bill or equivalent for a few years, then you only ever have to worry about maintenance costs.

  4. You may be qualified for a new government sponsored solar program.
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