Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Bullets

  • I feel guilty about the lack of posts but can't think of anything to post about.  Nothing is going on.  Limey works 6 days a week and we've been sick.  I'm even having trouble coming up with bullets.
  • I've been reading lots.  I can't believe Terry Goodkind restarted the series.  What's with fantasy authors?  5 books is too many.  10 is ridiculous.
  • Someone else is writing a novel and it isn't me.
  • My novel is dead and buried, never to be resurrected.  The writing was awful. Worse than Twilight. 
  • It's very warm and very windy today.  I still don't see a white Christmas. 
  • Our wood is stranded on the other side of a deep muddy hole.   
  • Limey has until Wednesday to kill a pheasant for Christmas dinner.  Coincidentally, Wednesday is his only day off.
  • Still no eggs.
  • Celebrating solstice this year now that it's no longer on dd1's birthday.  
  • I dreamed that a tiger attacked me in the barn. Limey kept shooting at it and my concern was that he'd get fined for shooting a tiger out of season.
  • Christmas decorations have been minimized this year.  Every year I drop further out of the commercialization of the season.  
  • That said, I freakin love Christmas.  

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  1. I love your blog, so keep writing! It was school Christmas concert today, the little ones are sweet, the older ones are bored stiff, and the middle group, well lets just say it is painful listening to Silent Night being blown out on the Recorder. We had lunch at a cafe which was a nice treat, and I hear them now playing dominos - this coming after they complained my clam/smoked salmon chowder was "blech". Ingrates!