Friday, January 13, 2012

Homestead Brew

For Christmas, I bought Limey a home brew kit and some books on brewing and gardening with beer in mind.

I didn't really pay attention to the process.  I think he boiled some water and mixed some stuff together and popped it into the keg.   The beer is due to be bottled on the 16th but I think Limey is going to leave it longer.  The longer it sits the better it gets apparently.  You can buy refill kits for the beer and hard cider.

We would like to grow some of the ingredients ourselves.  Limey planted hop seeds last year but they didn't grow.  He's going to try again but I'm looking into tracking down some hops rhizomes to make it a little easier.

Have you done any home brewing or hop growing?

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  1. There are hops growing in the Melanson area behind Wolfville,you could try to get some there...Lazy acres hopyard,Josh Herbin....
    Also Blomidon nursery's in Greenwich sells them, be warned though once you have them not even a excavator could rid them,they are HIGHLY invasive.