Monday, January 30, 2012


Last week, I spotted a wee little mouse on a shelf in my pantry.  When it noticed me watching, it darted off into a hole in the wall, next to the shelf.

When we did the dining room reno in 2010 there were a bunch of mice nests in the ceiling.  We set traps then and haven't seen a mouse since.  Last summer when we got Tootsie Noodles, he proved to be an excellent mouser so I didn't think we'd have a problem with mice again.

No such luck.  Tootsie has been neglecting his duties.  That lazy cat has spent the entire winter passed out behind the wood stove.  Limey set up a bunch of traps in the pantry the other day and we've since caught eight mice.   I guess Tootsie must have felt insulted because we heard him chasing something in the bathroom last night and this morning I found him snacking on his catch in the kitchen.  All he left was the tail.

Hopefully he won't be neglecting his duties any longer.  Now if I could only get him to clean up after himself.


  1. When we used to burn wood to heat our home we always has alot of mine come in with the wood when we were putting it in our basement. I am not sure if they were nesting in the wood or because the basement door was open and it was cold outside and gave them easy access to a warm place. Mice always look for a warm place to spend the fall and winter. I didnt mind them at all, Kind of cute little fellas.

  2. mice are vermin and can carry deseases...get rid of them all if possible..get and exterminator...they breed like wildfire too..get more cats...and dont feed ya cats so good then they will hunt more for there food :))))

  3. Way to redeem yourself, Tootsie! Mom’s got a good point. Mice are always in colonies and never alone. Did you have a chance to check if there were more mice? Aside from the diseases you can get from them, they are also notorious for destroying household materials. I just hope that there’s no underlying problem here.

    Selena Slough