Thursday, January 5, 2012

Neverending Story

I received an e-reader for Christmas.  It took me awhile to jump on that train but I finally started to covet one about 2 months ago.  Limey got me a cute little lavender Kobo.  Unfortunately it lived up to it's reputation when it started freezing several days after I started using.  I ended up taking it back and getting the Sony Touch instead.  It was on sale for the same price which is great and it's not defective but it's not as nice looking either.  I really liked the Mac vibe the Kobo was giving me.

For some reason, I find it easier to read with my Sony than with regular novels.  I'm a fast reader already, but I can really zoom through my epubs.  I'm on a YA dystopia kick these days and this is what I've read in the past week.

Divergent was my favourite. Delirium, which has a very similar theme to the movie Equilibrium, came in at a close second. Enclave was okay but I probably won't continue the series. Solstice was not quite on theme but still a fun read. Uglies was a decent read but not as good as the first two.

I think I'm going to read The Maze Runner next. Have you read any good novels lately?


  1. So far I haven't had any problems with my Kobo. I didn't know people were having problems. I've had mine since last summer. It's lavender with a little lite. So cute. I just bought the Virgin Cure. I haven't started it yet.

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  3. LOL Removed the earlier post due to several typos :)

    Yup, I am very suprised that you had issues with your Kobo. Both Laura and I have a Kobo and I have purchased several for relatives. I really like the format and ultra light weight of them. Glad the sony is working out though, e-readers are amazing gadets.

  4. Everyone we've talked to has had issues and the cashier said that they had received a ton of them back after Christmas for defects. Apparently the new Kobo Vox is even worse.

    Maybe I'll paint my Sony at matte lavender.