Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Because I'm Captain Awesome, I put oyster mushroom plugs in Limey's stocking. They arrived in the mail a couple of weeks before Christmas so I had to store them in the fridge. He thought it was a food gift until I pretended to let slip "I hope they're still alive" while peeking in the fridge. That really threw him off.

Anyway. Oyster mushrooms plugs are cool. I purchased them from a UK seller on Ebay. All you have to do is drill holes 2" apart, into hardwood logs that are around 6-8' in diameter. The wood can't be freshly cut. It needs to be between 3-12 weeks old.

Once the holes are drilled, hammer the plugs in and seal them with wax. Put logs in a cool, damp spot for about 12 weeks. After that point you can spritz the logs periodically with water to encourage mushroom growth. The logs should produce two crops a year and can continue to fruit for 5 years.

I can easily see this becoming an addictive hobby.


  1. Oh that is cool...can you eat them or are they just for looks?