Monday, February 6, 2012

Almost Out

Back in the fall, Limey picked a bunch of windfall apples to store over the winter.  We filled 6 buckets full and put them in our unheated basement.  A bucket full of rotten ones have been tossed to the ducks over the winter.  The rest have been devoured by the kids.  We're down to our last 5lbs of apples and they are still in great condition.

We planted a bunch of 5 year old apple trees last year so hopefully it won't be long before we can pick them fresh from the tree.

What's left in your cold room?


  1. Not much!! Beets froze in the "too cold" cold room.. just finshed off the potatoes and still have some onions left, which are looking at least I know now how to dry them properly!! Next year will be a whole different ball game as we will be in the new house with an actual cold room!! Plus, now we have a better idea of how much to plant of what.
    Love seeing what you guys are up to!! Say hi to Limey for us!!

  2. Isn't it awesome to put food in your cold room in the Fall and still be able to eat it all Winter? I love our cold room.

    We still have lots of potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic. Plus all the home canning we did.

  3. It is. I can't wait to do more next year. We still have tons of carrots, beets and potatoes. It's quite the contrast from buying a bag of grocery store potatoes and having them go bad in a week.