Sunday, February 19, 2012

Resplendant Roses

I'm currently drooling over the Best Rose Guide.

At the old house I had Robusta Rugosa, Morden Centinnel, John Davis and William Baffin roses.  The Rugosa was huge and fabulous.  I never got to see William Baffin flower and the other two were always decimated by aphids.

Last year I planted another William Baffin and America.  Both are climbers.  I got a couple of gorgeous blooms out of America last year and am looking forward to seeing a lot more growth this summer.

 They should eventually look like this


William Baffin

As roses aren't exactly in the budget this year, I'd be interested in getting cuttings from friends' gardens.  Have you ever propagated a rose by cutting?  How easily do they root?

I'd love to add some white and yellow roses to my garden.  The Knockout roses look fab but it would be nice to have some of the older scented roses.  What's your favourite rose?


  1. i have a lovely John cabot and plus many wild roses .. going to expand to some more this year.

    I have someone who you might be interested in she has seeds she gives away as well she does an annual plant sale in anitgonish .. let me know if you want her website address for her list of avaible seeds ..she also grows to die for rhodies

  2. I would love her address. Thanks!

  3. ill look it up and post it to you .. Sharon and Bill are great .. you will love looking thru their site and drooling..I do ..

    this is the saved seeds page :

  4. i met sharon thru Canadian Garden's gardening forum... along with many other great people