Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've been in need of some creative inspiration for most of the winter so I was quite excited when I came across Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

The rules are pretty straight forward.
  1. Anyone can participate.
  2. Try to take 5 new photos during the week of the challenge, however, you can use one from your archive if you get desperate.
  3. Link up over here on Sunday (or Tuesday at the latest) 
  4. Leave comments for at least five entries around yours.

Here are the words from the past week.

A Glimpse

My photo interpretations.

Crossed-Teaching the girls how to play cat's cradle.

A Glimpse-A quick glimpse for me before he became dinner.

Handwritten-Finally starting some seeds!

Bliss-Sleeping children is bliss for exhausted parents!

Gray-Old barn siding.

This weeks words are;

Show Me Your Style


  1. i will play this week.... :)

  2. Oooh sounds fun! Love your interpretations :)

  3. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love the little fingers playing the string game : ) I remember when that was so fun when I was little : ) Very sweet!

  4. That shot of the kids sleeping is just so sweet! Totally understand what you mean about sleeping kids being bliss for exhausted parents. :)

  5. You have some beautiful interpretations. The bliss shot is magical. Print and frame for sure.

  6. Love crossed -- and Bliss is just SO sweet!

  7. Very pretty set. The sleeping girls is so soft and wonderful. I also like your crossed. the glimpse..eeek! Have a fabulous week.

  8. What a pretty set. Your bliss is perfect.

  9. Ah, the sight of sleeping children . . . big sigh. Really like your gray siding shot and the cat's cradle for crossed. Glad you came to play.

  10. First of all, I love old wood. That shot is cool. And the kids sleeping? Beautiful!

  11. Great set:
    My top pick: Bliss - Oh how sweet!

    Glimpse was certainly interesting although icky to think about.
    Gray - I like the perspectice here and the textural feel this photo has.

  12. I love the last two shots- nicely done. And I used to love to play cats cradle! :)

  13. Super set! I really enjoyed them all. And sleeping kids are such a blessing ;)

  14. Oh My! the shot of the sleeping children is just beautiful. Really lovely set

  15. Is there anything sweeter than photos of our little one's sleeping? So precious.

  16. Great set - I especially love crossed.

  17. Great set of photos for the Scavenger Hunt!
    Bliss is the best, with Glimpse a close second!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Lea's Menagerie

  18. Your photos for the challenge were really creative! I have been following your blog for a bit and really enjoy it. My husband was born in the 'valley' and has no family connections left there, but still has a powerful 'heart' connection. He is now disabled, but still enjoys the trips we make down in the summer. You will probably see us at the end of your drive staring at your place some time (ha ha.) Keep going with the entertaining stories.

  19. Thanks for all the compliments!

    Anniedote; Stop on in. We love getting visitors.

  20. I just have so much fun with Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I'm so glad you found it! I love your photographs, the first one is my favorite!

  21. I love your first two shots! And your bliss shot as well!

  22. Wow...awesome interpretations! Scavenger Hunt Sundays are so much fun...welcome to the hunt! Now on to your pictures...I LOVE them all...your bliss is so precious, love gray and crossed, how creative. Your glimpse show is super kind of your cat to show you his dinner!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comments! Hope to see you back here next week.