Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring, maybe?

Here's the forecast for the next two weeks.

It's looking pretty decent. The snow is almost melted and the bugs are starting to wake up.

It's funny, back in Ontario winters would last 6 months and I'd be going crazy by the end of it.  Here, winter has really only been around for 2 months and I'm already at my limit.  Bring on spring already!

The soil in the hoophouse is unfrozen.  Limey went in there to clean out so we can plant in a couple of weeks.  He found a gruesome stash of bird parts back in the corner.  No wonder Tootsie has been shunning mice all winter.  He's been dining on a higher class of prey.

We have quite a bit to do as the weather warms up.  Here's my list so far.

  • fix hoophouse door and replace broken window
  • move rabbits back outside
  • clean barn
  • remove all garbage such as windblown siding and the old rabbit hutches
  • dig out paths and reshape the veg garden beds that we didn't do last year
  • muck out the chicken coops
  • fix fencing
  • set up pig fence
  • fix pig house
  • move ducks, geese and turkey back to their paddock
  • finish fixing broken house window
  • clean out sunroom, set up grow lights
  • order soil and distribute where needed
  • plant!
So, what do you think?  Is winter almost over?  Do you smell spring on the air?  


  1. When I was younger winter in Nova Scotia would last from October to April with lots and lots of snow.

    Global warming...go figure.

    1. I'm with you and have had an extremely mild winter. 60F most days. I was just reminded today that I need to start my seeds.