Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

In this house, it can be difficult to find a spot with good lighting to take photos in.  It's been driving me nuts all winter until two things happened.

1.  I bought a Lightscoop for my camera.  Now I can take inside shots with the flash on and it doesn't drain the life out of the photo.

2.  Limey made me a light box.  It's not the prettiest or sturdiest light box in the world but it cost me nothing.

For a light box, you just cut a bunch of windows out of a cardboard box and fill all but one of them with white tissue paper.

Limey cut one too many windows.

Cover the inside with white paper or paint or nothing if the box is already white. Then line the back and bottom with a single, uncut piece of bristol board.  Don't fold it just let it curve naturally.

That's it.  Aim a light through the top and shoot away.





That's it.  

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