Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't Step on Me

I swear, every time we go outside, some tragedy takes place and the kids are screaming and fighting over something.  Today's tragedy came from outside the group.

I was cooking lunch when I shooed the kids outside.  Less than 30 seconds from entering the yard,  dd2 was screaming bloody murder and Dd1 was yelling that it was a splinter.  The injured party hobbled in and flopped down onto the floor cradling her foot.  At this point ds walked in and promptly dropped a glass on the floor right in front of his sister.  I had to sweep the glass up before attending to my patient.

When I got a look, it was clearly, not a splinter.  In a way, this was a good thing because it took no real effort to get it out.  Of course, after consoling the still blubbering victim, we decided to have a little looksie under the microscope.

Ouch.  I wonder who hurt more, the kid or the bee?


  1. ok you need to win an award for your blog...

    farming, homeschooling and omg microscopic photos of bee tush? that was bee tush right????.... :)

    seriously too cool....

  2. Awww thanks Deb! It is bee tush, or bee guts or some other part of the lower anatomy.

  3. The bee stinger is cool.Maybe cooler than the " Barney " skin.
    Tell Limey that I have his seeds and will try to drop them off on a trip to Pearles this weekend.

  4. It is pretty cool. We just got 50 prepared slides in the mail. Not as fun as making your own but should still be pretty col.

    If you can't make it, we'll arrange to leave it out for him during the week.

    1. I left it between your doors!