Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Foxglove and Roses

Rose "America"

Hopefully it'll fill in better than this.

I think this is William Baffin.  I can never get my explorers straight.

Foxglove!  I can never get enough of it.

Love it!

P.S  Is it just me or is Blogger having major formatting issues today?


  1. Loving the foxgloves, never heard of them

  2. i am a snapdragon girl... :) i use them as puppets... :)

  3. Your blog is one of my favorites! I was wondering if you would mind sharing some of your permaculture plans. The concept is clear enough but I can't help wondering how to TIME things (what to do after you do what first kind of things).
    We live in a semi-arid with mountain weather environment -not like yours (NO grass), so I couldn't copy you, but I hope it would enlighten me on something. I'd like to become more resilient to the effects of the ongoing economic uncertainty. Right now I have chickens and am contemplating those meal worms (and red worms)and a bunny or two NOT to eat. I have had them before and love them. I have a few sunflowers and green onions going on the deck... lots of reasons for that! LOL
    I'm trying to talk my husband into goats next (for fiber and meat/hides), but I'm not committed to it yet- since we haven't the means to feed in winter other than relying on the feed store. What do you think about dependence on that?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience there- your farm is beautiful.

  4. Thanks Illoura. I actually don't have any detailed plans at the moment. I've read a couple of permaculture books and it's a little more messy than I'd like a garden to be. The main thing I'd like to do is underplant our trees and bushes to keep the weeds out and plant an edible forest in the animal paddocks for them to browse on.

    I'm wishy washy about goats myself. I like them in theory but I don't care for the meat or the milk. For the winter you just feed them hay. In the summer they browse and the milking does get a supplement of feed to boost their supply.