Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adventures With a Microscope

So it turns out that there aren't a lot of books out there that tell you what to do with a microscope once you have one.  You can find a bit on the net, but the info is either very brief like "look at cheek cells"  or extremely detailed and dry.    The lists of things to look at tend to be the same dozen or so items.

There are books out there but most are out of print and hard to find.  Luckily enough, did have Richard Headstrom's Adventures With a Microscope available.

The book was written in 1941 and despite one or two cringeworthy terms, it's a really great find.  It's exactly what I wanted.  The book is divided into 59 adventures.  Here's an excerpt from one of them;

We Hunt for a One-Eyed Monster
Our third adventure takes us on the quest for a one-eyed monster.  If you remember your Greek mythology, there existed at one time a race of one-eyed giants called Cyclops...
...You can spend  many pleasant moments studying Cyclops and watching it move about, which it does by means of specially designed swimming feet.  But first of all can you find it's solitary eye, which gives it it's name?

Each adventure reads like that, with details about where and how to find the subject, how to mount in on the slide, how it's live and moves, etc.  It's a really nice, relaxed writing style that I wish more educational books would use.  There are also 142 illustrations to go along with the narrative.  It was under $15 online and definitely worth the price.

We're going to do a STEM heavy focus in the fall and we'll probably do one of these a week in addition to BFSU.   Do you have any microscope books to recommend?  They seem to be a very rare breed.

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