Friday, July 20, 2012

Handpicked Display

I used to be anti-flowers.  Why grow flowers when you can grow food?  Then I started a small landscaping project to pretty up the front yard at the old house and I became addicted.

I love having cut flowers in the house but it's hard for me to cut them out of my garden.  They look so nice in milk glass vases that I make myself do it anyway.

I'm dreaming about planting out a row style garden just for growing cut flowers for my house.  Maybe I'll that next year.


  1. I love flowers! I have some seeds to be sent out to you next week! Love the milk glass!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'll be stalking the mail box.

  3. What is the super shaggy pink flower in pic #3?
    It looks wonderful.

  4. It's a poppy. Not sure what kind, it ame in a mix.