Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tentative Fall Plans

As I said previously, we're homeschooling through the summer.  It's been great. We get up, have breakfast, feed the animals and have a quick tidy.  School is then finished before lunch and the rest of the day is a free pass.

I took a break from school last week and by the end of the kids were begging to "do school" again.  During the break, I started finalizing plans for the next semester which we'll start in September.

For dd1 (age 6)

-BFSU Volume 2 Section A (Chemistry)
-Weekly microscope study with Adventures with a Microscope
-Lego challenges 
-Creative builds from recycling bins
-Virtue flash cards with Value Stories
-Dismantling of various electronics, cameras etc
-Lifeof Fred
-Continued world cultures study

Dd2 (age 4)

-Reading Rainbow

-Lego challenges 
-Life of Fred

1 comment:

  1. What wonderful kids you have " begging to do school " !
    Good work teach, you have fired up their curiosity.