Friday, July 13, 2012

Where's the Rain?

Last year we had a bit of crappy garden season because of all the rain and this year we're having the opposite problem.  It's been hot and dry for months and everything is wilting under the heat.

The picture below is of two varieties of bee balm. One is obviously more drought tolerant than the other!

Look at those thin, leafless stalks on the right.  I've never seen bee balm look so  pathetic.  I was going to water yesterday but then Limey told me that wells are starting to dry up.  The flowers are just going to have to wait for rain.

The grapes look okay but I'm sure everything will be stunted this year without adequate rainfall.

The lilies don't seem to mind.

Are things still growing and blooming (besides weeds) in your garden with all the crazy weather we've been having continent-wide?


  1. Super dry here but things are still growing,including the dam weeds!!lol

  2. i have some plants that have withered and died... however my pumpkins that havent been attacked by the bugs are doing awesome, as are my corn... but this comes from someone who has no real idea what stuff in my garden is supposed to look like.... :)